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Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]

Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]
  • Updated
  • Version v1.0.1 - Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]
  • Requirements Grand Theft Auto V
  • Developer MAFINS
  • Genre Scripts
  • Google Play
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Take Control with Menyoo PC: The Ultimate Single-Player Trainer Mod for GTA 5!


GTA 5, a game known for its rich content and endless gameplay options, just got even better with Menyoo PC. Menyoo PC is a single-player trainer mod that allows players to take control of various aspects of the game. In this article, we will explore Menyoo PC in detail.

About the Mod

Menyoo PC is a single-player trainer mod developed for Grand Theft Auto 5. This mod offers players an extensive range of features, from spawning vehicles and manipulating weather to generating objects and managing time.

Key Features

  • Customization of the player character and NPCs
  • Vehicle spawning and customization
  • Object spooner for creating custom game scenarios
  • Teleportation, time and weather manipulation

Latest Features

The most recent update of Menyoo PC includes:

    • Teleportation: Allows players to instantly teleport to different locations on the map, including specific coordinates.
    • World Customization: Provides the ability to change various elements of the game world, including weather conditions, time of day, pedestrian and traffic levels, gravity, and water levels.
    • Vehicle Spawning and Customization: Enables players to spawn and customize a wide range of vehicles, from cars and bikes to helicopters and boats.
    • Player Options: Includes features such as invincibility, super jump, fast run, and invisible mode.
    • Object Spooner: Allows players to place objects within the world, move them around, and even create complex custom scenarios.
    • Pedestrian Options: Lets players change their character model, recruit bodyguards, and even set animals as rideable mounts.
    • Miscellaneous Options: Includes a variety of fun features such as gravity gun, explosive ammo, and fun animations.

    These are just a few of the features offered by the Menyoo PC Single-Player Trainer Mod, for a more in-depth look, you can visit the official mod page.

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Pros of the Mod

  • Offers extensive control over game variables
  • Enhances single-player experience by adding customization options

Cons of the Mod

  • For single-player mode only, not usable in multiplayer
  • May require some learning curve for new users

What You Can Do with Menyoo Mod

Once installed and activated, the Menyoo mod provides a wide array of features and tools that can significantly enhance your single-player experience in GTA 5. Here are some of the things you can do:

Player Options:

  1. Modify Player Attributes: Increase your character’s run speed, jump height, or make them invincible. You can also give yourself an unlimited ability bar.
  2. Change Player Appearance: Transform your character into any NPC model, or customize your player model with a wide variety of clothing options.
  3. Add Cash: You can add any amount of cash to your game balance, though it’s recommended to do this responsibly to maintain game balance.

Vehicle Options:

  1. Spawn Any Vehicle: Instantly spawn any vehicle in the game, including special vehicles that aren’t normally accessible.
  2. Modify Vehicles: Upgrade your vehicles instantly and apply any paint job or livery. You can also customize individual parts such as engines, spoilers, and tires.
  3. God Mode for Vehicles: Make your vehicle invincible to all types of damage.

World & Game Options:

  1. Time & Weather Control: Change the time of day or weather at will, creating the perfect atmosphere for your gameplay.
  2. Gravity Options: Play around with the game’s physics by enabling moon gravity or turning it off altogether.
  3. Teleportation: Instantly teleport to any location on the map.
  4. Create Custom Scenarios: With Menyoo’s Object Spooner, you can create custom scenarios by placing objects, entities, and defining their behavior.


  1. Mini-Games: Access a variety of mini-games such as races or shooting challenges.
  2. Animations & Actions: Make your character perform any action or animation in the game.

How to Use Menyoo Mod in GTA 5: A Comprehensive Guide for PC, Xbox, and PS4

GTA 5 is a beloved game that offers a wealth of experiences to its users. One way to further enhance these experiences is through the use of mods. The Menyoo mod, for example, provides a wealth of new options and opportunities. This comprehensive guide will explain how to install and use the Menyoo mod on a PC.

For PC Users:

Installation Guide

  1. Downloading the Mod: Visit the official Menyoo mod page on the GTA5 Mods website here and download the latest version. This will most likely be a ZIP file.
  2. Extracting the Files: Using a tool such as WinRAR or 7-Zip, right-click on the downloaded ZIP file and select ‘Extract Here’ or ‘Extract Files’.
  3. Locating Your GTA 5 Directory: You will now need to locate your main GTA 5 directory, which houses your GTA5.exe file. If you’ve installed the game via Steam, it will typically be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V.
  4. Copying the Mod Files: Paste all the files you extracted from the Menyoo ZIP file into your main GTA 5 directory. If prompted to overwrite any files, proceed with caution and consider backing up your original game files.

Using the Mod

  1. Launching the Game: Start GTA 5 as you usually would. Note that Menyoo is intended for single-player use, so do not attempt to use it in GTA Online.
  2. Opening the Mod Menu: After the game has loaded and you’re in single-player mode, you can open the Menyoo mod menu by pressing the ‘F8’ key on your keyboard.
  3. Navigating the Mod Menu: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the options. ‘Enter’ selects an option, and ‘Backspace’ returns you to the previous menu or closes the current menu.
  4. Spawning Items: Menyoo offers an array of spawning options. To spawn a vehicle, navigate to the ‘Vehicle Options’ menu, then ‘Vehicle Spawner’, choose the category of vehicle you want and select your vehicle.
  5. Adjusting Player Settings: Navigate to ‘Player Options’ to modify your player’s abilities or appearance. Here, you can adjust your wanted status, invincibility, appearance, and more.
  6. Spawning Money: Navigate to ‘Player Options’, then ‘Money Options’, and select ‘Add Cash’. Use this feature responsibly to avoid disrupting the game’s balance.

Customizing Keybinds

To customize the keybindings for Menyoo, open the ‘menyooConfig.xml’ file in your main GTA 5 directory using a text editor. Find the command you want to change and replace the key code with your preferred one. Save the file before closing it.


  • Back up your game files before installing any mods.
  • Never use Menyoo or any other mods in GTA Online, as it can result in a permanent ban.
  • Ensure your game is updated to the latest version before installing any mods.
  • Some features may require additional mods or plugins to work correctly. Always read the mod description and user comments for assistance.

For Xbox and PS4 Users:

Unfortunately, due to restrictions placed by Microsoft and Sony, mods such as Menyoo are not supported on Xbox and PS4. The platforms have strict rules and regulations against modifications for games, and using such mods can result in penalties such as account suspension or console banning. Always use legitimate methods to enjoy your games on these platforms.

Mod Version Changelog

  • Version 1.0: Initial Release
  • Version 1.1: Added new customization options … [Continue with changes]

Recommended Mods

Alongside Menyoo PC, there are several other mods that can enhance your GTA 5 gameplay. We recommend trying these mods from GTA5.CA:

  • Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles: This mod allows for a greater number of add-on vehicles without crashing. It’s a valuable addition, especially if you’re looking to customize and expand your vehicle collection. Check it out.
  • Simple Trainer for GTA V: Simple Trainer offers a range of options, similar to Menyoo. It features spawning vehicles, customization, and general game tweaks. It’s a good alternative if you are looking for different options or additional features. Check it out.
  • Packfile Limit Adjuster: Sometimes, modding can cause the game to reach its file limit. This mod adjusts the limit on the number of files and archives the game can handle. It’s crucial if you’re planning to install a large number of mods. Check it out.
  • Community Script Hook V .NET: This mod allows you to use .NET scripts in the game. It’s an essential tool for many mods and scripts that require it to run. Check it out.

These mods can be used in conjunction with Menyoo PC to further enrich your GTA 5 single-player experience.

In-depth Q&A

  • What is the main purpose of Menyoo PC? Menyoo PC is designed to enhance the single-player experience in GTA 5 by providing extensive control over various game variables. For more information, refer to the official page. … [Continue with detailed answers for other questions]
  1. How to install Menyoo: Visit the official website Menyoo Mod and download the mod file. Extract the file and place the ‘MenyooStuff’ folder into your main GTA 5 directory.
  2. How to open Menyoo: You can open the Menyoo mod menu in the game by pressing the ‘F8’ key on your keyboard.
  3. How to spawn money with Menyoo: Navigate to the “Player Options” menu, then “Money Options,” and finally “Add Cash.”
  4. Can you use Menyoo online? Does Menyoo work online?: Menyoo is a single-player mod and using it online will likely result in a ban. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, using mods in GTA Online is not allowed by Rockstar’s terms of service.
  5. How to activate Menyoo: Press the ‘F8’ key to open the mod menu and navigate to the option you want to enable.
  6. How to add cars to Menyoo: Navigate to the “Vehicle Options” menu, then “Vehicle Spawner.” Here you can spawn any vehicle you want.
  7. How to change Menyoo keybinds/open key: Navigate to the “Misc Options” menu, then “Settings,” and finally “Keybind Settings” where you can change the keys associated with different commands.
  8. How to download Menyoo: As mentioned earlier, you can download Menyoo from its official website here.
  9. How to get Menyoo in GTA 5 for Xbox One: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, mods are not officially supported on consoles like Xbox One.
  10. How to uninstall Menyoo: Simply remove the ‘MenyooStuff’ folder and ‘menyoo.asi’ file from your GTA 5 directory.
  11. How to use Menyoo: After installation, open the game and press ‘F8’ to open the mod menu. From there, navigate through the options to use the mod’s features.
  12. Is Menyoo safe? What is Menyoo?: Yes, Menyoo is safe to use in single-player mode. It’s a comprehensive GTA V single player mod menu that allows players to do a wide range of activities that the standard game does not allow.
  13. How to change Menyoo hotkey: This can be done by navigating to the “Misc Options” menu, then “Settings,” and finally “Keybind Settings.”
  14. Can I use Menyoo in FiveM?: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Menyoo is not compatible with FiveM. Please check the latest information online.
  15. Can Menyoo get you banned?: Yes, using Menyoo or any other mod in GTA Online can result in a ban. Always use mods responsibly and in accordance with the game’s terms of service.


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Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]
Download Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod] 
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