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EXE Integrity Bypass Against RGL

EXE Integrity Bypass Against RGL
  • Updated
  • Version 1.0 - EXE Integrity Bypass Against RGL
  • Requirements Grand Theft Auto V
  • Developer kagikn
  • Genre Tools
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This ASI plugin disables the integrity/version check against GTA5.exe, which can make the game refuse to start the game in old versions with the error code 16. This patch does not disable any social club features, so you can use them (e.g. using you characters for GTA Online in the Director Mode).

Without modifying the game code, the game tests if it is the latest version as of the game launch using the function that calls CryptAcquireContextA, CryptMsgGetParam, and CryptQueryObject at a earlier stage (will be called during the first Rockstar logo movie). Looks like Rockstar Games started testing even in Steam and EGS versions starting from April 4th 2023 (in UTC) at the latest.

To avoid executing the unpatched code, this plugin will try to patch with another thread and the created thread will suspend the main thread until the patch completes. So if the patch fails half done, the game may not get started indefinitely.

This plugin supports all the versions that use Rockstar Games Launcher (tested in b2802, b2372, b2699, and b2845 of Steam version), but this does not support any versions that use old Social Club.

ASI loader. Script Hook V is not needed.

Although this requires Visual C++ Redistributable 2019++ to run, Rockstar Games Launcher should have Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 installed already.

Simply drop ExeIntegrityBypassAgainstRGL.asi into your Grand Theft Auto V folder.

Souce Code
Can be found on GitHub, which is licensed under The Unlicense, where you can basically everything against the source code (I don’t want to keep this thing secret or protected with copyright).

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EXE Integrity Bypass Against RGL
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