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Drug Trafficking V2 (Enhanced)

Drug Trafficking V2 (Enhanced)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.1.3 - Drug Trafficking V2 (Enhanced)
  • Requirements Grand Theft Auto V
  • Developer Slightly_Deranged
  • Genre Scripts
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This is purely a modification for a video game and I do not encourage such behavior or activity IRL

This is an edit of HKH191’s recreation of Guadmaz’s Drug Trafficking mod with permission.

I have taken it upon myself to fix some bugs and change some features for the better.

This mod is great for a “hood life” or “real life” roleplay it is VERY compatible with lots of mods such as The Gang, The Cocain Business, Meth Operation and LS life (mostly, also you can use my edits of The Cocain Business and Meth Operation for more immersion).

1. Scripthookv and Scripthookvdotnet

2. Install LemonUI (if you havent already got it for SHVDN2)

3. Move everything from the zip into scripts

1. Download and Install Scripthookv and Scripthookvdotnet

2. Create a scripts folder (named scripts and not Scripts) if you havent got one already

3. Install LemonUI (if you havent already got it for SHVDN2)

4. Drag the CONTENTS of the SHVDN2 folder in scripts

5. Drag HKHModHelperNew.dll and folder in scripts

6. Drag DrugTraffickingV2.dll, DrugTraffickingV2.pdb and DrugTraffickingV2 folder in scripts

7. Drag Ifruitaddon2 folder and Ifruitaddon2.dll in scripts

8. Play the game 😀

Future plans:
Add more drugs

Add more businesses (like taco minigame)

Add bulk sales (better ones)

Add gang activity (if you sell in their territory)

Version 1.1.3

Selling to peds now makes you profit if you buy the stuff under market value.

Fixed an Acid bags bug where peds would buy it even if you did not have any.

I have not touched the personal stash stuff so it either works or it is bugged (you can disable it)

Removed unnecessary text during Taco Bomb minigame

and much more! (I recommend not changing much in the ini file other than player stats, drug amounts/prices and Taco minigame).

See also  Advanced ATM Robbery

Also I have disabled most of the missions and random events as they are outdated and bugged this includes vans, mules, crate drops, plane drops and so on even the missions and of course the biker businesses! If you want more and don’t want to use my edited versions of The Cocain Business and Meth Operation you could use HKH191’s Business Mega Pack but use either the version that says compatible with Drug Trafficking V2 1.1 or version

@Guadmaz’s (mod)

@HKH19 (expanded on the mod)

Anyone Else that worked on this with Gua or HKH

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Drug Trafficking V2 (Enhanced)
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